When Broken is BETTER!!!

I will keep this simple. This is something that I am still learning. In this blog, much like all the others, I am trying to speak to you while also speaking to myself. By nature, I am a FIXER. When things are broken, I try to fix them. I want to “Olivia Pope” my life as well as the lives of those around me. I love to help people FIX things that are wrong with their lives. When I feel like I have successfully fixed something, I feel this inner peace that is indescribable. Oh but when I fail at fixing what I want fixed, I feel defeated and I feel like a failure. AND I HATE TO FAIL. 
Recently, like always, I have been trying to fix something, and every effort at fixing it seems to make it worse, and the worst it gets, the worse I feel. Well today, I got to thinking that not everything needs to be fixed. Some things are just better off broken!!!  
I know it is easier said than done, but sometimes you should just face the fact that whatever shattered should remain shattered and keep moving. This goes for relationships, friendships, jobs, and other involvements. You are just not equipped to fix everything, and let’s be real, sometimes the MASTER FIXER is the one who broke whatever it is you are trying to fix. You cannot “out fix” the original fixer. STOP TRYING TO FIX EVERYTHING: IT WILL ONLY HURT YOU MORE.

Most broken things are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken instead of hurting yourself trying to put it back together.  

Let me go get some bandages for these bloody fingers of mine. 



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