Is your account in the negative? 


 Everyone who knows me knows that I am very adept in English-Language Arts. I’ll be the first to admit that Math is not now nor has it ever been my strong subject. However, I want to talk about money. Everyone loves money. I need you to leave this blog understanding that anybody who is not adding to your peace is taking away from it. THEY ARE ROBBING YOU! I want to talk about the way that emotional connections take a toll on us. We tend to sacrifice our peace for the people and things we are emotionally connected to.
 Imagine that your peace of mind is stored in a bank account. Every moment you are at peace you get money added to your account. Every moment you are not at peace you lose money. If this was the case, how many of you would have money in the bank???

I’ll be the first to say that I would be poor, downright impoverished. I have a habit of letting other people be in control of my peace. Family members, coworkers, friends, significant others, and even situations have been known to take away my peace. The sad part is that these people often times don’t have a clue that they are causing me to sacrifice my peace because I tolerate it. I allow them to take away my peace. 

I recently had a friend to share her dreams with me. When I asked her what she was waiting on, she gave me three excuses. First, her child’s father would not support. Second, her dad would be upset. Third, it might cause a strain in her relationship. I kept thinking but what do any of things have to do with you? She was not peaceful in her current state, but would not go after her peace because of what other people might feel. So what she did was add to their peace and stole from her own. It’s sad to say, but many of us operate this way. It is just not fair. 

It’s simple Math, if a person is not adding to your peace, then they are subtracting from it. How much do you have to give? Are you going to just keep letting people and situations rob you of your peace? It belongs to you. It’s okay to get rid of anything and anybody who stops you from being at peace. Why is it that you always have to make the sacrifices? Why is it you that always has to compromise. You deserve peace. It’s your God given right, but it will not come with out a price. 

How long will you allow people to rob your bank of peace? Will it ever come to a point where you unapologetically make decisions that will secure your peace?



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