I Don’t Want My Man to Put Me First

I never really blog about my friends, but this time will be a little different.  This time last year, I had a friend to get married. I sat back and watch how my friend’s husband interacted with her.  Before he got himself a drink, he made sure she was not thirsty.  If she looked anxious, he would subtly and tactfully grab her by the small of her back and just comfort her without saying a word.  When she said quirky things, he laughed along with her rather than at her.  Now, I know this friend well, so I know she can be a handful. However, he never seemed to be bothered by it; he never acted like she was getting on his nerves. The entire time I was in their presence, I thought to myself “I want a man who puts me first just like he puts her first.”

It wasn’t until more thought and observation of their interactions that I realized he does not put her first.  SHE IS NOT FIRST ON HIS LIST AT ALL!!!

He is able to love her that way and comfort her that way because he puts God first.  He could not love her that genuinely and passionately if he did not know God.  He is a loving husband because he it’s clear that he knows God has to be at the forefront.

I have always thought about what I wanted my husband to be like. I always said I want to be the most important thing in his life. I always said that I wanted a man who would drop everything for me.

I’m so glad that I have learned to amend that prayer. I am so glad that I now pray for a man who will love me the way God requests him to do. I pray for a man who will have God at the head our lives.

I thank God that he didn’t send me my husband when I was praying for that may who would ineffectively be infatuated with me.

So no, I don’t want to be put first. I’ll fall in line behind the BIG GUY as long as you promise to get up in the middle of the night with me to go get fountain drinks. LOLimg_2547